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Drug-delivering coronary artery stents: bare metal threatened by extinction?
Sigwart U
Lancet 2003 Oct 4;362(9390):1088.
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FDA reports of stent thrombosis and hypersensitivity

October 30, 2003

The FDA has reported 290 cases of stent thrombosis, with 60 deaths, and 50 cases of hypersensitivity associated with sirolimus-coated stents.

These numbers are very small compared with the number of stents delivered to hospitals (260,000 according to a NY Times article). This may not even represent any increase compared with bare-metal stents. Nevertheless, this is an issue that will be of concern to patients and will bear close watching. Hopefully, more complete data will be available soon.

FDA report

posted on 2003-10-30 05:40:14 by
Michael Jacobson, MD, MPH

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